#superwomenpreneur Ashwini Bodade

Coworking Women Stories

Stories are what drives and motivate people to do impossible each day, having said that, women are the driving forces of society for generations. No story is big or small – it’s a hidden experience which should be unveiled, to help others to tackle their day to day ordeals.

#Superwomenpreneur Ashwini Bodade – Friyey Family

Q: Let’s start at the beginning, what’s your co-working story?

“I am doing freelance work and it was happening from home. Generally, freelancers are developers with no physical office. But my husband found this great idea to have office for me too. As he always considers my work as important as me.”

Q: Why now? Why co-working? Why Friyey?

“We all do work and it’s important to work efficiently. Friyey is a place that increases “Efficiency”, For me Friyey is an “EFFICIENT SPACE”. When you work from home it hampers your work at some level. This place has great vibes and helps me focus on my work.”

Q: Right now, how do you plan your day? And what is your daily source of energy?

“I first get up and do Yoga. After that I complete my household work and then there is an urge to go to My Office i.e “Friyey Office”. “

Q: We all have stories, tell us one of yours that left an impact on your life and made you the person you are today.

” It’s my personal INTEREST that makes me develop myself like this. But it won’t be fair if I don’t give credit to my husband. He plays a very important role in making me. He always supports me in my GOOD/BAD days.”

Q: You have big plans, don’t you? What’s next for you? 

“I want to be a great developer and a “GOOD HUMAN BEING” in this life. Everyone works and earns money but there should be equal importance to your personal life. End of the day you should feel you spent a great day today. It’s really difficult to maintain this. I just wish to be able to balance this in future too.”

Q: Where can people find you to get more information about the impactful work you’re doing?

“I am a freelancer (ETL developer) Connect with me on LinkedIn – Ashwini Bodade.

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