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Friyey Space – Think outside the office
April 6, 2019
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A Laptop and WiFi are not enough to be productive
May 6, 2019
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Friyey Space – We sell productivity & not just space

Productivity is tough if you are at sweet home; Coffee Shops, may seems like a cheap alternative to Coworking space in Pune but we  know that paying everyday for coffee or junk food is not ideal way either.

Remote working will be next big thing & if you don’t have space to work remotely join us at Friyey Space & explore new ways of work productivity.

How does Friyey Space Work?

Afternoon time is off-hours for Lots of Restaurants, Friyey Space look for Restaurants which are closed for Lunch & Friyey Team operate that property as a Friyey work space from morning to evening.

Where customers will get variety of comfortable seating options, meeting spaces; Wi-Fi, plenty of power outlets, Clean Washrooms, Drinking water & Customer can have their own tiffin’s as well.

Friyey – Managed Fully

Friyey team is managing these spaces fully which means better serviceability & care. Customers security, work productivity at space is highest priority for us. We make sure our space is covered with CCTV, Air-Conditioning and Noise -proof.

Own Tiffin’s

Customers can have their own food / lunch box. If you like to order F&B from Friyey Kitchen our chef are happy to serve you.


Flexible plans

We understand that every Startup company & Freelancers can’t pay huge cost for office or Coworking space. But Friyey Space offers workspaces at most minimal prices. Presently monthly cost is INR 2100 only.

We also has customized plans per hours, per day to per year or depending upon customers requirement.

One can host the meeting or event at Friyey Space.

For further details – Website – Friyey.com 

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to walk into Friyey Space Baner Location to see for yourself what we’re talking about.

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