A Laptop and WiFi are not enough to be productive

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April 25, 2019
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Millennial’s only need Laptop & Internet to work? We thought it is but we were wrong.

Below are few things which is equally or may be more important

  • Community

Friyey Space mostly used by Startup Entrepreneurs, Digital Nomads, Freelancers & this community may help you to grow & connect with right people.

If you work from home then you might missing Coworking friends & thrill to be part of community. Community opens door for new opportunities.

Actually, locations independent (#Remotework) is fun thing when you can learn from your circle.


  • Meetups

One of the disadvantage of working from home is that you cannot invite your client for meeting. At Friyey Space you can invite your client / customer for meetings, interviews.


Even you can host event / meetups, Weekends are ideal for same as we are open all 7 days.

  • Ambience

You can start your day with positivity & motivation at Friyey Space, Eco-friendly, natural sun-light, Centralise Air-conditioning, provide for work vibes which helps for productivity & one can more efficient through-out the day.


  • Price

As Startup & Freelancers are low on funds so Friyey Space solves that problem, we offer 2 days free trial without any commitments.

Presently, our monthly membership only cost you INR 1990 per person. Also we provide tea / coffee as a complimentary service.

  • Support

Friyey Space managed fully by Friyey Team so you can expect better care & service. Our representative make sure you always have productive day at our each space.


Thank you for reading, and please feel free to walk into Friyey Space Baner Location to see for yourself what we’re talking about.

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