Fixed Office hours – Time’s Up.

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Friyey Space – Think outside the office
April 6, 2019
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We are living in Millennial’s generation where people want a complete flexibility for work, feel free to work anywhere they want. Working anywhere using laptops and smartphones in hand and No more dedicated office desk.

Let’s be honest, 9-5 jobs are NO more in fashion. Nobody desires to work like a machine getting started and stopped at a fixed office time.

It is the “No Fixed Office” concept which not only allow flexibility but improves creativity & more pleasant working mind.

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The Modern working organization is dynamic & collaborative as their employees belongs to nomadic generation.

Digital India is building up everywhere now, not only in Large Corporate but in smaller one as well.

We Friyey Space truly believes that people switching from traditional workplaces to workspace like Friyey Space is not only due to productivity issue but its real cultural transformation.

Time has come to give up on fixed office hours & shift to crazy thing called Friyey Space.

If you are one of Millennial, visit Friyey Space & let miracle happen on its own.

Cheers !!


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