Ensuring Workplace Safety During COVID19!

Amid uncertainty about how to tackle COVID19, we’re loosing grounds on health and safety. Economies, major trades and other critical services have also taken a massive operational hit due to the widespread paranoia caused by the lack of awareness among the masses. It’s high time that individuals from different communities & backgrounds come together and counter this pandemic before it even gets to us.

To the wellness of our clients, we at Friyey Community Coworking Space are doing everything possible to make our workspace environments safe, hygienic and virus free, but without your support in the process, it’s more like living in a fool’s paradise.

We highly recommend that you take these precautionary measures and follow these guidelines to make sure that you and your team stays productive and safe.

How to get your workplace ready for COVID-19?

Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease. Healthcare practitioners and organizations suggest that a plausible way out of it is preventing contamination of the environment around you.

Here are some preventive measures for coronavirus that you should follow to help contain and restrict the spread of infections at your workplace:

1. Wash your hands

You should place soaps, hand wash, and alcohol-based sanitizers at easily accessible places in your workplace. Encourage your co-worker’s to wash hands as soon as they enter the premises. Friyey Space’s are adequately equipped with hand wash for your safety.

2. Use tissues

If you or your employees are suffering from a runny nose or cough, ensure that they are wearing face masks. Place tissues at accessible places with closed bins for easy disposal.

3. Reorganize your workplace setting

Try to maintain social distancing between employees. This should be done for employees or anyone who is sneezing or coughing. Friyey request’s you to occupy one table per person or maintain a distance of about 1 metre, so that your co-worker’s are not in close contact to those suffering from symptoms.

4. Prepare a response plan

If you notice anyone with the symptoms, you must be equipped with a separate room to safely isolate and quarantine such individuals. Please have a certified medical expert brief your employees about such procedures and precautionary isolation measures.

5. Work at home

Co-worker’s experiencing even the slightest of symptoms should isolate themselves and the ones around them should take up immediate preventive measures for Coronavirus at home.

6. Avoid business trips

If there are any chances of risk, your trips must be postponed or replaced with an online meeting. If it’s absolutely necessary, then please go through govt. authorized travel advisories for the place you are visiting.

7. Prefer online meetings

You should avoid face-to-face meetings or public conferences if it is possible. Replace such an interaction with a teleconference or a video conference, thus eliminating the prospect of contamination if any. 

8. If unwell, rest

Employees with the slightest symptoms must stay at home. Coronavirus illness spreads through respiratory droplets released while sneezing or coughing. If sick employees do attend work, wear a mask to prevent further contamination of the environment.

9. Maintain hygiene

Promote hygiene and general awareness about Coronavirus with the help of posters at workplaces. Combine this with other tools of communication like emails, drills and conduct briefings to offer guidance by safety and occupational health officers. 

10. Clean everything at regular intervals

Remember to wipe desks, tables, keyboards, mobile phones, any other surfaces, and objects regularly using a disinfectant. Friyey Space has taken steps to frequently clean desks and chairs.

Adhering to these points, you must adopt precautionary measures right away. Irrespective of whether COVID-19 has been detected around you or not, such a proactive and preventive approach can protect you, your employees, your contractors, and the customers from any possible Coronavirus related contingency. So don’t wait, act up today!

In case of emergency contact medical authorities @ +91-11-23978046

For latest information on Coronavirus and recovery visit covidout.in

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