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Stories are what drives and motivate people to do impossible each day, having said that, women are the driving forces of society for generations. No story is big or small – it’s a hidden experience which should be unveiled, to help others to tackle their day to day ordeals.

#superwomenprenuer Mansi Zanvar – Friyey Wakad

Q: Let’s start at the beginning, what’s your co-working story?

“I had started my own venture in November, 2019. But I was operating from my place itself. Since, I am an Interior Designer, I have to do the site visits and client meetings very frequently. But, I realized that I really needed a proper place to sit and work with an energized and positive work environment, and I knew Co-working is the only place where I can get the environment which I am seeking for, “where I can grow and help the others grow.”

Q: Why now? Why co-working? Why Friyey?

When I started looking for the Co-working places, I checked out many of them, but when I got a call from Friyey and I availed my 3 days’ trial, I was sure, “Yes, this is THE PLACE”. The Best and Unique things I appreciate about Friyey are:

1. The Trial Period (as this is the only place who offers it)

2. The Extremely Economical Registration Fees.

3. Friendly People I am really glad that I am part of Friyey Community.”

Q: Right now, how do you plan your day? And what is your daily source of energy?

“It starts at 6 am, then workout followed by breakfast. Then, I schedule my site visits, client meetings, market surveys and then in 2nd half I sit and work. And with this, it’s always a productive and satisfactory day for me! I would say, My Guru and My Mentor – Dr. Aniruddha D Joshi is my daily source of energy. And, definitely client’s satisfaction and appreciation towards the work is another strong positive source of my energy!”

Q: We all have stories, tell us one of yours that left an impact on your life and made you the person you are today.

“It was since I graduated in 2018, I always wanted to start my own venture as Design is such field that you can only grow if you keep up the experiments and if you have a free hand in whatever you do. Design always emerges from heart and desires; it cannot be fitted in any practical parameters. So, after taking 1 year of experience in the field, I decided to introduce myself and my venture and here I am today with piece of soul in “The Space Aura – Interior Design Studio”

Q: You have big plans, don’t you? What’s next for you? 

“There’s a line written on my visiting card – “We execute the Best Designed Space, but We Care About Your Values too” I really want to grow myself and my business with this. A space owned by client is his dream, be it residential or commercial or any. And I want to have it come true for them but by taking care of their values. “Value” is a such a word you cannot learn until you earn it. Be it emotional value or materialistic value, I want to take care if it all when I design and execute the space for my client and fill their place with Aura.”

Q: Where can people find you to get more information about the impactful work you’re doing?

“I am The Founder at The Space Aura. The company undertakes Turnkey Interior Services for – Residential | Commercial | Hospitality”

You can find more about my venture on Instagram: the_spaceaura | Facebook: The Space Aura | LinkedIn: The Space Aura

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  1. Shridevi Kalantri

    Mansi as I know her from her childhood is god gifted trait of uniqueness in her each work she selects She won’t believe in copy pest
    Her creation has aesthetic touch with angle of spirituality.she has firmness in her decisions She respect people around her.I wish her greater success in her endeavours.Regards -Shridevi

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