#superwomenpreneur Sonali Jirekar

Coworking Women Stories

Stories are what drives and motivate people to do impossible each day, having said that, women are the driving forces of society for generations. No story is big or small – it’s a hidden experience which should be unveiled, to help others to tackle their day to day ordeals.

#superwomenprenuer Sonali Jirekar – Team Friyey.

Q: Let’s start at the beginning, what’s your co-working story?

“I started my journey of co-working as I applied on Indeed for the position of accounts manager at Friyey!”

Q: Why now? Why co-working? Why Friyey?

“It gives positive vibes. The Friyey team are a bunch of hustlers and the doers, who can make the impossible possible, like we do everyday!”

Q: Right now, how do you plan your day? And what is your daily source of energy?

“Nothing as such is planned, as I believe, everything happens for a reason. So I plan for nothing and let my days surprise me!”

Q: We all have stories, tell us one of yours that left an impact on your life and made you the person you are today.

“My parents’ separation indeed made me emotionally independent. Looking back 11 years, down the time line I have grown strong emotionally and mentally and that is who I am and what I reflect in my work too, every passing day.”

Q: You have big plans, don’t you? What’s next for you? 

“The event of Marathi poets that I actively organize, I want to continue doing the same and for right now, focusing on Consistency.”

Q: Where can people find you to get more information about the impactful work you’re doing?

“Each one, Teach One. Every random person makes you a better human being.

You can find me and my poems on Instagram as _jirekar_

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  1. Great to read your story Sonali. You definitely brighten up the day at Friyey. It’s always such a pleasure interacting with you. In fact the whole team is so wonderful 😊

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