#superwomenpreneur Vinita Apte

Stories are what drives and motivate people to do impossible each day, having said that, women are the driving forces of society for generations. No story is big or small – it’s a hidden experience which should be unveiled, to help others to tackle their day to day ordeals.

#superwomenprenuer Vinita Apte – Friyey Baner

Q: Let’s start at the beginning, what’s your co-working story?

“I started my consulting business in December 2019 and was working from my home office for two months. After two months, I realized that I needed a place that would help me focus on my work for an extended period of time. A co-working space seemed the best option as I wanted a space that allowed me the freedom to use my resources smartly and provided me space to work.”

Q: Why now? Why co-working? Why Friyey?

“I chose Friyey after checking up other co-working spaces mainly because It is much economical compared to other spaces. There are no hidden fees and no deposit. Also, I got 3 days’ trial period that actually helped me to make up my mind and meet very interesting people. I enjoyed the vibe of the space, it matches with my outgoing personality.”

Q: Right now, how do you plan your day? And what is your daily source of energy?

“My day starts really early at 5:30 AM with a workout followed by breakfast. I finish the housework by 9:30 am and get ready for the workday. My work as a consultant means meeting clients on a weekly basis to provide consultation at their business location. Other days, I work from Friyey focusing on building my knowledge, writing my blog and reading. My daily source of energy is my family and friends. Their love and support helps me tide over difficult situations. My workout helps me to focus better and keep me healthy.”

Q: We all have stories, tell us one of yours that left an impact on your life and made you the person you are today.

“I had always been fascinated by marketing and advertising as far as I can remember. I worked at a few ad agencies and media companies in the beginning of my career and I enjoyed the experience. It was a natural progression to starting my own marketing consulting business now. There are many people who have helped to shape my career, but it was always my passion for marketing that got me to this field. I can’t point to a single person or any incident that helped me decide my career path I love having new experiences and meeting new people. Working in Marketing seemed like the perfect opportunity for both.”

Q: You have big plans, don’t you? What’s next for you? 

“My intention is to educate and change the way people in the Manufacturing Industry in India look at Marketing, especially digital marketing. For them, Marketing is an extra cost to be borne and one which does not yield results. I want to change that perception slowly and steadily. The plan is to also expand my business. Since my company is a self-funded company, it would take a bit longer to grow than other startups that have funding.”

Q: Where can people find you to get more information about the impactful work you’re doing?

“You can read more about my work and get more information about digital marketing at https://www.dijitale.com/

I have been a writer since 2008 and have my personal blog at http://www.lazypineapple.com/ where you can find a lot of fiction and humor pieces that I have written.”

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